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php IMAP Mail Notification from:
www.ptonev.com - byPass20 version
www.ptonev.com - McKay version

 php Mail Notification

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php IMAP Mail Notification

phpImapMailNotification is small and free PHP script that allow to check multi-email accounts (over IMAP PHP functions) and send notification email toward other email account (SMS Gateway) if you have a new messages.


  • Support on multi-email accounts.
  • Allow to customize on subject and message text.
  • Allow ot send on email with email address for new email's.
  • Allow to make cron that executed script periodically.

What's new in version

  • First public release. Based in On base phpMailNotification

phpIMAPMailNotification.cfg File Format:

#host;user;password;mailto;subject text;body text
mail.domain.com;g.green;notgreen;35988000000@sms.mtel.net;%new%/%total% @ %account% - %emails%;

If line begin with # that this account is commented.

Prepared variables:

%new% - count of new messages.
%total% - count of total message.
%account% - current account.
%emails% - list of new messages.


1. Copy phpIMAPMailNotification.php into httpdocs area.
2. Copy phpIMAPMailNotification.cfg into subdirectory or same directory where is phpIMAPMailNotification.php.
3. Change access rights (CHMOD 777) for directory where is a phpIMAPMailNotification.cfg
4. Edit phpIMAPMailNotification.cfg and fill multi-accounts dates.
5. Edit MNOTIFY_CFG_PATH constant in begin of phpIMAPMailNotification.php file.

checkm.sh file:

cd /<script path>/
php phpIMAPMailNotification.php

cron filter:

# check mail
# work
0 8-22/1 * * mon-fri /<path to sh file>/checkm.sh

# weekend
0 8-13/1,17-22/1 * * sat-sun /<path to sh file>/checkm.sh

Download 'php IMAP Mail Notification' from:


Please send your bugs report and suggestions through contact form or in him forum.

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